Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Why is it that every time you start getting used to things and get efficient, those things change and you have to get used to something totally new!  

Ok - specifically I'm talking about work!  Take our expense reports... I've been through 20 changes with expense reports and now I'm about 6 months into a comfortable change with the way we do things and now they're spicing up our life by yet another change!  Scanned receipts!

And the frustrating thing for me here is that I was ahead of the times a few years ago and asked if we could scan receipts and was told no, we need the hard copy!

But today it's now scanned receipts only please!

If have 31 receipts.  Doesn't sound that hard.  It is... Everyone is moaning and groaning.  It literally took me 3 solid hours to fill out my expense report today!  

On the plus side, I took that lemon and I made lemonade!!!! I found an app on my phone where I can take a picture and it sends the picture to my email as PDF that I can then save and associate with my expense report!  

So now as I get a receipt I can take a picture and save and then throw away the receipt!!!

And BAM- no more lumpy wallet!  No more searching for that hotel bill!  NO MORE PAPER!


I'm waiting for the next change... But Im gonna be ready dog gone it with a bigger and better solution!!!:)

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