Monday, April 13, 2015

Success And Reward

My trip down to Asheville to help Yvonne find a wedding dress - SUCCESSFUL!  The day before we went dress shopping I was encouraged by her fianc√© Rob to "get Yvonne to pick out a dress this weekend!"  It seems to have worked although I admit she's faltering a little due to her runner up dress.... KEEP THE DRESS YVONNE!  It really does look beautiful on her!

So the work being done Sunday morning we stayed up until about 3 am talking so we decided to sleep in and then play on Sunday afternoon.  And the better part of the deal was my nephew Riley got to come down for the afternoon and join the fun!

We ate brunch downtown Asheville at this little Mexican place that was really good and pretty cute.

Yes that's us being cute at Limones's...

We then took a little stroll around downtown Asheville as Riley had never been.  Asheville is this great quasi Portland city that melds classy southern with grunge hippy and then throws in the outdoors!  It's artsy yet classy and mountainy!

We strolled around just being goofy...

And then tried to take a ride on a mountain bike built for two!

The garages of North Carolina....

And going all Asheville!

We then decided to go to the Grove Park Inn which is fabulously beautiful!  It's right in the mountains and it's very lodgy but resorty with an amazing view!  I've been here in the winter when they have their national gingerbread house competition.  Ages like 3 to adults can compete and they have literally hundreds of gingerbread houses all of the Grove Park!  

We decided to stroll around the grounds over to this artist community on the other side of the hotel.  With so many gorgeous photo locations - the three camera unshy musketeers stopped at every opportunity.

We walked down to the art community but Yvonne wouldn't let me use my GPS... So we ended up taking the long grassy way there...

Where we continued with more glamour shots...

We went back up to the lodge and sat on the overlook to have a drink and an artisan cheese platter.  And then we actually looked at a room just for honeymoon reference.  Beautiful room!  Beautiful view!  Very friendly staff!

To end the day, we took the Blue Ridge Parkway home to enjoy the sun setting in the mountains!

What an amazing day!
What an amazing weekend!

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