Saturday, April 11, 2015


This year is one wedding after another!  I think I have 7 people in my life who either have announced wedding plans or have a date set!

One friend of old in Asheville is getting married in July so I came down for the weekend to help her hunt for a wedding dress!

The first place we had an appointment at was called "Budget Bridal"... The name says it all!

To be fair, she later clarified that these garage dresses were going to be donated for "dead babies."  We felt much better....

We looked at some fabulous dresses that we really liked...

CAMOFLAGE?!!!!!! (Is that even how that word is spelled?  I don't know...)

A very very interesting experience with a very bossy lady who sold used wedding dresses - that's my take away!

And then we hit David Bridal where..

A great day with some great gals!

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