Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Please Don't Wake Me..

We're in a super duper long and boring Infection Control Webinar today.  It's got some good info but these speakers are snooze a paloozas!  The one we're on now has a super southern drawl.  That's what's keeping me awake - just enjoying the drawl!

This is me when the webinar started....

This is me an hour after it started...

Ok - it's an actor playing me...  Her name is Curly Murphree and she was lost under a bed at my house so now she's awaiting transport back to her home.  Couldn't just leave her sitting bored at my desk!  I wanted her to suffer too!:)

So one thing I'm putting out there for you all to take into consideration.... 50% of antibiotic use is inappropriate.  Meaning - your dr might just prescribe an antibiotic to get you off his back and if you take it, you could actually be doing more harm then good!  You're helping to create super viruses because they become resistant to drugs.  Same with anti microbial soaps.  They just kill things that learn to breed other things that learn to become immune and create more problems.

That's my free hand down!  Enjoy and use wisely!:). 

Oh - and just have to post our first great grandbaby... First one is my nephew and Harper...
And then there's Harper herself looking super excited!  I think this is her opinion of Infection Control webinars...:)

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