Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Fun Holiday

Over the weekend, Sean and I went to  Minneapolis.  While I stayed in Rochester with my Melissa:), Sean went in to two days of graduation celebration for his oldest daughter who graduated from the nursing program at Bethel in St. Paul. 

Then in Sunday Sean and I headed to the camp he worked at out of college, where his daughters attended camp, and where they now have had and are holding jobs. It's called Honey Rock and it's near Eagle River, WI.  

We got there by the afternoon and I got a tour around campus.  Then we took a pretty rough and long mountain bike ride out to this way out cabin and lake cakes Black Bear.  Once we got there we took a canoe out in the lake and enjoyed the sun!

Then we headed over, about an hour, to my good old alma mater which just announced they were closing:(. I had to make one last trek.  We stayed the night there and then just drove around the campus in the morning as it was raining pretty hard.  It was sad, and deserted and lonely:(. One may summer of camp and then it is no more...

Memories of classes!

Ah the girls dorm!

Where I worked in the library my freshman and sophomore year.

Where Alan and Cindy used to live.

Where we used to have to go through the security booth to get on our private campus!

Alison wears jeans on campus!!!!!! Still can't believe I can do that!  Lol!  Oh - btw - everyone else has moved on and everyone else was wearing jeans in campus as well!

A great weekend!  We didn't want to come home but ... We enjoyed the ride there!

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