Sunday, May 10, 2015

Last Night...For Now

Tonight was Seans last night serving as Chaplain at Condell for the winter term.  He has one more semester starting in the fall and then he'll be able to officially pray over you for pay in almost any hospital, nursing home or military base!  He's worked his chaplain hiney off since October writing papers, attending classes and serving shifts at the hospital, and now he deserves a little rest.  But one last night!

I'll usually bring him dinner when he's on.  He'll do a 5pm-8 am shift so I have to make sure he gets fed otherwise he's starve and pass out from exhaustion when running to a emergency room call!  I can't let that happen!

Tonight was the last dinner for the semester... Sad?  Happy?

And the last "Chaplain Sean" hospital scripture reading...

I can't wait until I have my own "official" Chaplain to pray for me!  I mean, he does now, but everyone knows a certified chaplains prayers are worth way more!!!:)

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