Saturday, July 30, 2011

Catching You Up On What You Missed

I'm going to attempt to catch you up on the week that you lost in my life. That was the week before this past week. I don't even know what happened to that week as well. In fact, I don't even know what happened to July. It think its gone and I'm not liking that..... So - the week before last I was working in Columbia, SC which is about an hour and a half from Greenville so I stayed by fam. Aunt June is, at this point, in an assisted living place so she had me stay at her house. It was weird being their without her! I did get to spend a bit of time with her, though, in my off hours. I also had the chance to spend a lot of time with my nephew, Riley, as well. Riley and I did dinner most nights. Aunt June and I did every night, but one night she just didn't go out with me as I think I had exhausted her. I seem to have that affect on people :) Photo So, here are a few shots of the place Aunt June is living in. Its actually really nice. It doesn't look old and creepy and like people are waiting to die. In fact, I'm considering moving down! They have meals and the rooms and they do your laundry for you and people check in to see if you need anything -- its like better than being a gold member at the Marriott! Photo
 Its so southern with the big wrap around porch and the rockers on the front. Photo
 Aunt June has her own little room with its door and all her stuff in the room. Photo Photo Here's the dining room where she dines at table number one with Bob and Sophia and Betty (I made some of those names up, but she's told me about all of them and I met them - I'm just not good with names) Photo
 Here's the front sitting room. There are several little sitting rooms throughout the place where all the ladies hang out and gossip and there is a hair salon and a spa room and all this other stuff. Photo Here's Aunt June's room. They moved in some of her furniture and tv and all and the week I was there I brought in her DVD player for her. She's got her whole thing going on. How she looks - she's looking so good compared to how I saw her before at graduation! I was a little scared to go see her that week, but I was so happy that she was almost her old self. She has the walker because she has dropsy in her left foot and she can't really walk that well with it. Her hands and her feet have that thing that happens to most people I know after they have chemo - its hard to move them and they can't really feel. She's way more upbeat about things, though, and she scolds herself whenever she's negative about her situation. Its kind of cute. Photo This is something I think she's a little tickled about. About two doors down from her on the other side of the hall, theres a room with one of her good friends, Penny, and the other half of the room is Helen Jackson who happens to be Jesse Jackson's mother. Aunt June said that Jesse was in to see his mom the other week and they had him come and talk to a group of the ladies who were sitting around hanging out together and he prayed with them. Aunt June said he was pretty nice. All I know is that we went in and I met Mrs Jackson and she was extremely nice and so cute. I even saw some of her family pictures :) I saw these old ones of her dad and her Aunt. They were these really really old pictures - it was pretty cool. Photo I also got to hook up with Shelley and Pete - Riley came over with me and we spent "family" time together :) Photo One of the nights I brought Aunt June downtown to Hight Cotton for dinner -- I LOVE LOVE downtown Greenville! Its so adorable and SO many good places to eat and shop! Photo I thought I'd throw this in -- I always listen to my NPR :) I was headed to Columbia and, just so you'll always remember, Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 5:56 a.m., the very last space shuttle landed back on terra firma.... Never to go up again! Thats so weird! I remember exactly where I was when the Challenger blew up too -- I was in a school van on 94 headed downtown for a school field trip. Its all over now - no more space shuttles. I got home on Friday from SC and one of my friends in MN was kind of having a hard time with some stuff so I told her I'd come up by her for the weekend. I left on Saturday and then came back Sunday later. On 94, just past the Dells but before Madison while on the way home, there was this really bad accident. I've never seen one this bad. They had narrowed us all over to one lane and we were scooching past the accident - you could feel the intense heat as we went past. Right when I got up to the accident, the fire truck was just pulling up. I was just praying that all the people on that bus were ok and everyone survived. Photo Well - my next post will be even more exciting! You'll find out why within a day or two :)

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