Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh The Changes A Week Can Bring!

This is the plane that took me from Akron, the land of Agony, to the wind-torn plains of Chicago. You have to love those little propellors.... After running back and forth between the Continental and United terminals in Cleveland trying to catch an earlier flight on standby (that tunnel walkway is FOREVER long - I was so exhausted by the time I landed on this flight).

I got home to find that the landscapers that I had hired had finished cleaning up the two front garden beds - beautifully! They mulched the heck out of both of the gardens and pulled all the weeds out. They looked really great and such a HUGE change!

Then there was all the wind damage that we had in the area. Our street was pretty bad with huge tree branches all over.

And then we have the two pretty new babies... Baby #1 was a new lease that just replaced my old lease. I really am liking the new drive - smooth.... Baby #2 is the newly groomed Mr Calvin Coolidge! Smells good and looks even better!
Then - there are the new gutters that we just got. They're Gutter Maxx and they're guaranteed to never clog! We'll see how these puppies do in our yard! If they do clog then they come back and clean them.

And last, every Wednesday evening we have game night for the international student workers at their hotel. This was the first Wednesday for the summer and I made it back in time to go over for a few hours just to meet up with some of the students. I learned a few new games myself including Farkle.

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Karl said...

Hey - those gutters (from what I can see) look nice!