Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life Begins Again

I took this as my motto today.  Its been about a week and a half that I've been back from Budapest and I've been at home the whole time and in the office, but this week, last minute, we had a QBR (Business review) at one of my big sites and I jumped at the chance to attend when asked.  I find that sometimes, I want to be at home, but then after a little while, I'm quite anxious to get out again.  Its a slippery trade off - home, but wanting to be gone and gone but wanting to be home.  I suppose I just can't be happy.  But it was good to be out again and meeting with my customers as thats really my favorite part.

And, I must admit, this is one of my favorite customers!

I think I posted a while back the building in progress for the new Children's Hospital at this account - it was being built last time I was here and now its finished!  Because of that, they've had to ramp things up and so they added more volume to our product - yay!  Here's the finished site.  Its huge and its got this really awesome looking rainbowy glass on the front.  Its a really cool looking building.

Again, I just love meeting with this customer because they're really fair to work with and they're up front and will tell you what they expect or need - or appreciate.  Its just a really rewarding thing when you feel like you have an honest give and take relationship with a customer.

Here's the other happy/sad thing for me.  It seems that the one guy who was in charge of the department I work with took a position in Seattle with a large IHN (Integrated Health Network).  Its a 10 hospital system and he's in charge of all the departments that I would need to work with.  I guess he's basically said too that he's trying to bring out all the people that he was working with at his old site.  I don't know if that means me too, but I'm going to take it as yes until I hear no.

It was one of those good days where I feel like I love my work, I love my customers and I love everything about the day.  I have plenty of the bad days where I want to push myself off a building or hurl myself into a rather large steam sterilizer in the Central Service department where I work.  I don't think my good days even out my bad, but I such up the good days where I can -- and today was one of those GOOD days!

Back to the cities again tomorrow for some afternoon appts.  I'm actually staying with the BFF, Melissa, here so I'm going to have her tag along with me to the cities to keep me company.  It will be a fun day out and hopefully I'll have another good call on another good account!  

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