Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sunny Frigid North

 This is where my journeys took me to this week - well, at least the beginning of the week as now I'm transferring to a different location for the end of the week.

Anyways - do you recognize this building?  It is famous - but something tells me you'll never guess.
But if you did guess the capital of the cold, but sunny state of Minnesota, then you would be correct.  If you didn't guess that, then you probably also might not know that this capital building is location in the rather vouge city of St. Paul, which is the Twin City about 10 minutes down the road from Minneapolis. Minneapolis is the new corporatey city and then St Paul is the older, artsy, antiquey sister city.

Separating the cities, there are two rivers that run through them, those being the mighty Mississippi and the semi might St Croix River.  Connecting both sides of the river is done by a series of bridges - too many for me to count.

Overall, the Cities are great!  Theres tons to do in summer AND winter - its a completely outdoorsy city. The great thing about Minnesota in the winter is its extremely cold, colder than Chicago, BUT they have the sun almost every day.  I'd much prefer it to be cold and sunny than a little bit warmer and overcast (which is Chicago's mantra).

I just flew back in and now I'm going to drive down to Indy, pick a friend up and head down to Asheville, NC.  I have a hospital system I just started working with down there and their manager is out on maternity leave so they're trying to start things without her.  Jodi and I are also going to just stay the weekend and enjoy the pleasant weather of North Carolina.

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CariGerdt said... birth town!!!!!! Very fun places to go there!!!!