Saturday, December 3, 2011

Quick Trip Down South

A quick weekend trip down south - I picked my friend, Jodi, up from Indianapolis.  Got in later in the evening and we were prepping for the trip and discovered, upon popping my hood, that I had a nice little mouse nest in my brand new car.  My mechanic would kill me as it had happened before in my last car and he was quite upset to find some rodent running around his shop because it had jumped out of my car :)  We didn't find any mouse in the nest, but we got it all out.  Eeek! :)

We got down to North Carolina later in the day and then over the weekend we were able to do two hikes up the Smokies and also go to Biltmore House in Asheville.  We had BEAUTIFUL weather!  We ended up hiking about 14 miles and we did the strenuous hikes - it was awesome!

At Biltmore House....

 At the Grove Park Inn  - the Gingerbread House competition - it was amazing.  About 100 different houses created by children to adults.

Grove Park also had about 100 Christmas trees - all with different decorations.

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CariGerdt said...

I love it!!!! Love the JUMPIN' pictures!!! Those are great!!!! As to the rodent nest....EEEEEEKKKKKKK (said very loudly!!!!) I am right with you on that one!!! So glad you didn't have to come across any actual little mice while you removed it!!