Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Conclusion of 2011?

And so I reach the end of 2011 with a glowing sunrise over a tarmac and my last, hopefully, bag tag of the year. My poor little travelling companion is on it's last legs again so she'll soon have to be replaced as well. So sad but slightly excited to pick out a new rollerboard - sorry old girl.... No offense to the poor thing, but there are so many options I can go with out there. It's just taking the time to find the option and spending the el buckos...

I'm off for a quick overnight to the home of the Mormons. Well, now it's actually home to my friends Matt and Karlene as well so I'll get a chance to spend the night with them and their adorable kids! Yay!

Well, we're boarding soon so - 3 more flights until happy new year!!!!!:)

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