Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now Its The Last Trip - 2011

I lied last week - but unintentionally. I thought my Utah trip was my last one of the year and then on Thursday, my new go- live in 2012 business was insistent that I come and go through their department before the new year started.

So -at 6:30 am it was wheels up on my last flight of the year to Boston.

I had to go out to Springfield and that's almost 2 hours from Logan airport -I got jammed in some traffic along the way so it put me out there even later than expected. But I got in, had a great meeting and walk through and the headed back for my flight out.

Along the way I noticed all up down the mass turnpike (which, FYI, the logo for the turnpike is a pilgrim hat like we have that speeding letter I for the tollway in Illinois) there were hundreds of trees either snapped in half or just toppled over from their root base. I don't know what it was from but I'm guessing that freak snow storm they had on Halloween. I dont know what they're going to do with the trees but I have to guess they'll need to do something eventually as it's pretty bad.

I got back to the airport with a little time to spare and, since I hadnt eaten all day, I stopped at the Luckys in the airport. Yay! Their special was good ol boston lobster rolls! Take a look at that amazing fresh lobster! Can you imagine having so much lobster you just make sandwiches with it - and not just any sandwiches, but ones that Joe blow at a baseball game would eat! Aiyeee!!!! We have that big stupid lake and no lobsters--- sometimes it makes me so sad:(....

I have to insert - I'm sitting at Luckys by this family. An older dad who has horrible bo, a daughter who is probably 30 and then the middle aged mom who is droning on and on about every horrible thing that happened this past week. Her voice is so so annoying and whiny I want to run screaming. No offense to you Bostoners but the combo of Boston accent and high whiny slow voice is so horrible! Not that a Chicago accent would be any better! Anyways - it just makes you stop and think - what do other people hear if they sit next to you and you're talking to someone that is close to you.

Well - Home again home again and a happy new year!

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