Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day Trip By The Beach

It's Wednesday/hump day and I had a quick day trip to Norfolk, VA to work with a hospital system there. I actually flew out of Milwaukee at 6a.m (eek!), went through Chicago and then onto Norfolk. I was able to drive with the windows open and the 50 degree air blowing in. I passed the beach and had to take a shot. I love all the tall beach houses...

Now I'm back on a plane. Had to go Norfolk to Newark and then back to Milwaukee. I won't get in until 9:30p.m. Then the 45 min drive home. I'm tired...:(. At least I dont have a meeting until 10 in Mundelein. I'm going to try and catch a quick run before I head out as I've not had much time to hit the trails and it's been pretty nice out.

Preparing for a big party on Saturday so I'll have to finish some of that tomorrow night.

I'll be so glad to get back to my bed that I left at 3a.m this morning!

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