Monday, December 5, 2011

Week Wrap Up

One of these posts I'm going to actually have to review some of the restaurants in Asheville because I must admit - we never found a bad one!  And then southern cooking on top of that - well roll me up and call me fat and happy -- I think we've discovered that I'm not very talented at making up southern euphemisms...

So, the picture below here is of Jodi me and Michelle at Bistro 1896.  Michelle drove over from Atlanta later on Saturday and then we made an 8pm reservation and found ourselves delightfully stuffed on fried chicken and shrimp and grits.  We threw in a few fried green tomatos just to make sure we hit the southern trifecta, but we decided to mosy over to this place around the corner for dessert.  Could you ever keep three women from a place called French Broad Chocolate Lounge late on a Saturday night?!  They had a great little jazz group called Jazzville Band playing and the atmosphere was so cool and the desserts were so yummy!
And if that wasn't enough - we got back to the room later and Michelle (who is a stylist) had brought color and her scissors with her so she gave Jodi a good grooming with a color and cut.

The next morning, we got up rather late and met up for brunch with Yens and Bethany who live in Asheville.  They are just the cutest couple ever!  Yens is from Germany and he works with an organization that hosts exchange students for a 3 week period in the Asheville area.  They're both such interesting people.  We had a great brunch with them and just talked and laughed and got to know each other (one of Jodi's Hungarian friends had Bethany as an English teacher in Hungary when she was in elementary school and they've just stayed in touch so Nori was insistent that we meet up with them - she didn't steer us wrong!).  

We talked and laughed at the restaurant for an hour or two and then decided to stroll around town.  They had some art shows going on and there are just a lot of artsy shops in the downtown area.  We hit most of them, I think :)  Saw some pretty interesting art but I can't say I bought any....


 This was such a cool building but there's no business in it at this point.

This is in the Arcade which is a cute little indoor shopping area.

This is a Catholic church built by someone famous (wasn't paying attention) - but I did get that it has no supporting beams or arches or something inside - the domes are all supported just by brick.

I got back home at about 2:30 a.m.  We were just having such fun together that we stayed in Asheville until about 3 pm and then took off.  I got Jodi back to Indianapolis by about 11:20 and then took off from there and drove straight through.  I got home, set my alarm and then fell into bed.  Up at 7 and then off to work around 8.  Its always a busy day when I'm in the office because I not only have to catch up on all my paperwork and reports, but I have to catch up on my social life there as well :)  The one thing that I had to finish today was that dog gone expense report.  It was quite full this past month - I can't believe how much I was gone -- if in doubt, just measure the thickness of the receipt pile, its definitely a paperclip pile and not a staple one (thats how I can tell I've been really busy)....

And here's one more "gift" :)  I may have forgotten about my story last week, but it was in the beginning stage so, I now give to you, Monday's StoriesFromASnapshot!

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