Thursday, December 8, 2011

Memories of the NE

Homeless people standing in their Columbia jackets on 4 corners at an intersection. Fog hanging low and a fine mist eternally falling. Mirror glass water sitting at the base of peaking hills dotted with sky tall evergreens. From bad to good - this is Seattle and this is where I'm working Wednesday through Friday of this week.

I'm sitting in Top Pot right now, the infamous NE coast doughnut chain that has made television numerous times and is always host to a crowd of sweet toothed partakers. After my morning flight, the hassle renting a car at SEATAC airport and then an appointment with an older manger who, I must admit, gives me a little bit of the creeps (ok- a lot of them...), I found my way to the downtown Top Pot and found a very handy parking spot directly across the street. I'm now settled in with my laptop (the work one is up, not the personal:( but I'm iphoning it while I wait the 20 minutes for my HP to decide to actually open up..). Ive got a latte in front of me and I'm just putting my hands up in surrender to the Pink Feather Boa doughnut - who needs lunch, right!

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