Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cookie Swap

If you remember, a little while back, I signed mom and myself up for a cookie swap thats part of a blog that I occasionally follow. I believe there were a total of about 500 or 600 people or something that signed up - can't remember the exact numbers. All I really know are the facts of it: we sign up, we wait until a certain date and then the swap hosts send me (the signee upper :)) three different names and addresses of other people who signed up. In the meantime, the same thing is being done with everyone else so that my name is being given to three different people. We start the swap on a certain date and it has to be concluded by a certain date. Meaning, I have to make 3 dozen cookies (the same recipe for each dozen) and send one dozen to each of the three names that were given to me. In turn, I should be receiving a dozen cookies from 3 different people.... and MOM should be receiving 1 dozen from 3 different people. That means, we will have a total of 6 dozen cookies in our house (plus the leftovers from the ones that we made) that we'll have to work our way through this season. Anyone like cookies? We have some if you want to come over....

Mom sent hers out the other day and I'll send mine out later today (I believe I'm a day late, but its kind of hard when you're out of town...)

When I got home from the week, I had received one of my dozen. They were Monster Cookies and they were from Maggie and Annie Gill - their blog is Maggie and Annie should be posting their recipe on December 12th when we're all supposed to post ours. The cookies were absolutely delicious!!!!! They were kind of peanut buttery but I felt oatmeal but then there were chocolate chips and M&Ms -- its the trifecta of yummy! Thanks Maggie and Annie!

Mom had also received one of her dozen. They were gingerbread cookies from Elena and I can't seem to find her blog site so, we'll have to come back to that one :) Since they were mom's I haven't tried them yet, but I will later today. They were definitely cute! I liked the one guy that you could see with the little sad face - I think he was upset that he had to wait so long to be eaten! :)

Stay tuned for the rest of the cookies we get..... I'm excited to see what they'll be!

I'm making a recipe from my Grandma Behn and I'll post my recipe and mom's recipe on my site on December 12th so - if you want to check it out, come back and visit me again :)

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Maggie @ A Bitchin' Kitchen said...

Glad the cookies arrived intact!

If I'd realized you were traveling I would've sent them a bit later so they'd be fresher - hope they're not too stale :)