Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Few Tidbits from BHHP Week

I just thought I'd catch up with a few more picts from BHHP last week.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we had time in the day where I was working in English classes over at the Medical University.  90 minute classes - eek!  I was a little freaked when we went in, but class went amazingly fast as they had so many questions.  And it was great because they were so appreciative to us for being there.  They kept on saying "thank you so much for taking the time to come and talk to us" and one of the teachers gave this big speech to us on how this was such a great day for her students to be able to talk to Americans and practice their English..... We do what we can, you know :)

I did get to spend Friday in high school - I usually get more time in high school but it didn't work out that way this year.  It was good to be back in one of the same high schools as last year.

I mentioned the opera we went to on Thursday night.  It was in the National Theatre or something like that.  It was an absolutely beautiful building and we got to spend some time walking around outside before.

We had the University event at the Africafe on Wednesday evening.  They had a special speaker, he's actually a motivator speaker in the states, do a talk on Emotional Intelligence.  They had the usual fun stuff, games and music before....

The Monday outreach was at Takay which is the dorm thats about 45 minutes from the Corvinus campus.  We actually had a lot of students who were at that event.

English classes on good old Corvinus!  They're doing tons of construction around the university on the roads and the landscaping so I can't wait to see what it looks like next year!

I had one day where I didn't have to get up until 11, but didn't realize it and so I got up at 8 and had a bunch of time so I went down to Allee, the mall, and got on-line at the Coffeeshop.  As I was sitting there, there two little ladies came for a morning coffee and a get together and I just fell in love with them - I had to sneak a pict....

Friday came and it was the Friday evening FEK program for high schoolers.  Theres this thing thats really popular in high schools, its called 9 Gag.  I have NO clue what it is - if you know and you've figured out, please let us know.  They said it was an American thing, but none of the Americans, young or old, had heard of it.  But - the Hungarian teens are CRAZY about it so, FEK did a program with 9 Gag.

Some of my favorite buildings in Budapest - not all of them - just some :)

Notice the shoes on the bank of the River walk.  Its a memorial to the Jews who were shot into the river during the Nazi occupation.

 Some food memories.....  Theres nothing like Hungarian Mexican food :)  It was actually pretty good!

"Noodles" and beef stew with paprika


Some friends from this year (not the gold guy)...

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