Friday, October 5, 2012

Look At The View From Up Here!

We're in Hallstatt, Austria for a few days.  AMAZING!  Its so beautiful here I'd love to stay wayyyyy longer!  Our little flat that we rented is great and right on the lake with our own private lake entry.  Love it.  The view from the place is amazing too!

Today we took this tram car thing (2 funiculars actually) up to a place called "5 Fingers" thats this look out point.  Really interesting.  Beautiful views down to the valley.  I believe its considered to be part of the Alps.  They call the lake we're on, Hallstatt, the Devils Dustbin.  Its a beautiful secluded area and I guess after WWII when the Nazis were trying to hightail it out of here, they dumped tons of stuff into the lake that they're still pulling up today.  Weapons and such and a lot of guys would dump their medals and all in because they didn't want to be associated with the Nazis.  Anyways - you can see Hallstatt in the pictures.

This is what Five Fingers looks like - eek!  Take that Willis Tower!

This is just walking outside the town of Hallstatt and looking back...

This is looking from the top of one of the little mountains in the town in the graveyard....

I had to sneak this pict in of Hans Von Hiker in his Yodel shorts with his super walkin sticks!

Off to the salt mines tomorrow..... no, literally.....!  Guttentag!


Pat said...

Are you going to Salzburg? If so, you'd better really spin on top of the mountain while singing "The Hills are Alive" at the top of your lungs. And I want VIDEO of it, not just pictures.

Your pictures here are "sehr scheon".

Karl said...

incredible views!