Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yay! Tuesday Update!

What a relief that Thanksgiving is over - and a little sad too....  Now I know what mom used to feel like when the whole family came over for turkey day.  Its exhausting!

Budapest Thanksgiving 2012 went off with a bang and ended with success!  We ended up with less than I had expected, which is pretty typical, but you never know.  I think we had 15 in all rather than 20.  Still lots of turkey eaten, but lots left over.  Packages sent home with leftovers and baggies of turkey making their way back through the streets and trams to happy homes where a super American holiday is shared!  I did forget to do my traditional "what are you thankful for" piece where we all go around and share.  I just got a little distracted and we dove in without the thankful part.  Still good, but didn't think about it as much.

Hajni was the last one to leave with Flora around 10 or 10:30.  Everyone had to get up for school, or now work for some of my grown up girls :)  Thanks to everyone who prayed for things to go well!  The only thing that happened is my big bird popped the bag and I had leakage in the oven but I was able to save enough of the juice to make some fabulous gravy.  I even boiled the neck and used that water along with a bunch of the finely chopped meat from the neck and the gravy turned out pretty good!  I brought a bunch of stuff from the states that they don't have here but that makes Thanksgiving great!  We had green bean casserole (brought the onions and all but found out that they now have cream of mushroom soup here at Tesco - yay - a little more weight I can spare in my bag next year), sweet potato casserole (complete with little marshmallows!), I did some baked mac and cheese, stuffing, mashed potatos, gravy and, of course, the infamous turkey!  With the popped bag, the turkey was a little dryer this year and also, I believe I left it in too long considering we used the convection option on the oven.  Its so hard to know how long to cook an over 25 lb turkey!

Today - yay - sleep in!  First day of real vacation:)  I was planning on meeting with Zsu though as I hadn't been able to see her yet this trip.  We met up for lunch at Platz which is near the Basilica.  Once again - LOVE that building.  That whole area is just so pretty and nice.  We had a great lunch and great time of catching up.  She's trying to get a job with this company and while we were together she got a call back for a 3rd test that she has to take so thats got to be a good sign.  She's got the test at 11a.m. tomorrow so pray for her if you think of it!  I told her I would and I know she just wants to start working so badly.

It started raining as we left Platz but I mustered and raised my umbrella and took a stroll down Vaci Utca, the shopping street.  Debbie, if you're reading this, please let your mom I spent one rainy afternoon looking for a Hungarian dish to bring back for her since she's been begging me.  Unfortunately, besides the Christmas market, its hard to find the pottery any day of the year.  The only stuff they carry all the time is Herend which is the high end "pottery" that you don't just eat off of every day.  I'll keep on the look-out, but she just might have to come at Christmastime to check out the market for herself! :)

I got some strudel from the market and then caught the 49 back home to Moricz where I've been cozily sitting in Jodi's apartment since.  I've got a nice bottle of Hungarian wine to open once Jodi and Michelle get back.  I downloaded the newest Fringe - last season :( And hopefully they'll get back early enough that Michelle and I can catch up!

Here's a few picts to end with from last night....

 Michelle (just started working with CRU in Budapest), Niki and Noemi from high school outreach
 Diana is the one by me - I met her in English classes at Corvinus.  The other two are her roommates.

This is Nori, Flora (I'm sure some of you recognize her) and Andi.  They're all finished with school and out in the work world now (well, Andi has to finish her thesis and then she's done).

Agnes and Hajni
And one of my Hungarian BFFs :), Hajni...

So I ened my Tuesday with a dinner of leftover turkey on a sandwich - Hungarian style!  For those of you that I bring paprika paste back to - this is one of the ways the Hungarians use the paste .... sandwich form.  

AND - no Hungarian sandwich is complete without cucumbers.  Its actually very tasty and gives it that great crunch factor.  Ahhh - new ways to enjoy Thanksgiving! :)

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