Thursday, October 18, 2012

Observation Day 2

Today I was back downtown and working sterilizers.  I did steam, Sterrad and gas/ETO.  Knew most of it, but never actually did it.  My friend is an awesome trainer and she had me putting some loads together so it was quite cool.

Did some general set assembly.  Love hanging out with those crazy CS people.  They really are a blast and it was actually cool just hanging with them and getting to know them better.  I'm usually zipping through the department or working on something and don't really get to spend time talking to them.  Its amazing because when I travel around and meet people who work in CS, you usually find out they've been working in the department for like 20 years and you'd never guess it.  This one woman today said she's been in the department for 42 years!  42 YEARS!!!!  And the crazy thing is that she didn't look a day over 40.  This happens all the time!  I'm always telling people that I think it the ETO sterilizers thats letting off some crazy chemical that keeps people preserved.  I only hope that I'm down there enough that it takes effect with me.

Back again tomorrow.  I know have to work at the Women's Hospital just for general work, but don't know if I'll be able to get into surgery this time.  I may need to go back another day.  We'll see.

On another note, I failed to mention that last Saturday I did this day trip downtown.  My friend Heather and I went to the Russian Tea Room for tea and then we mosied around the city for a while between raindrops.  Its crazy because Heather grew up in IL but NEVER goes downtown so she'd never seen the Bean let alone see Millenium Park.  I had to take her and show some plain old Chicago stuff just to catch her up to speed.  We're doing it again in a few weeks to try another restaurant and maybe hit the Art Institute - she's never been and I do love that place.

After lunch and city tours, I met up with Kim and we went to the CSO and saw YoYo Ma and The Silk Road Ensemble.  I'd heard about it before and figured since I was going to be down there.  I really like YoYo Ma so I figured I'd get tickets.  The first half of the concert was pretty good - very creative and used so many different unique instruments.  The second half, I unfortunately forgot to bring my pillow and blankie :(  Oh well - it was an experience and it did get better - when they finished and we al l clapped and left :)  HAHAHAHA.  Seriously - look up some of the stuff on ITunes because some of it is actually kind of cool.

Tomorrow after my observation I'm headed out to dinner with Seiko who lives downtown at Moody.  I'm saying a little prayer that Purple Pig isn't horribly crowded so that we can get in for dinner.  I'm DYING for the Pig!!!!!!


Karl said...

keep your eyes on your limbs when you're at the Purple Pig . . . I hear they cook a mean arm!

Alison B said...

MMMM - Purple Pig Arm.... with gravy and ricotta over smashed potatos....