Thursday, October 4, 2012

Quick Post Before We're Headed To Hallstatt!

Yesterday, Wednesday was it?  I bopped around in the morning but was determined that I was going to go to the Bikram studio here in Budapest just to see how good I really am?  If I can follow the class in Hungarian - I got it down....

But first I paid a visit to the modern arts museum to see a display that I'd been wanting to catch entitled "What Is Hungarian?"  -- I found out what it is - boy, did I find out.....

 After literally a 5 minute buzz around the museum - this is what I took away Hungarian was?????  Paprika and Palinka.... Hmmm

I did the Bikram class in the afternoon and did it great --- :)  Loved it but it was a slight bit different.

I then went over to Hajni and Davids for dinner and then I met up with Jodi and Michelle at Spoon, this restaurant on a boat on the Danube.

We're now getting ready to head out to Hallstatt, Austria for a long relaxing weekend.  YAY!!!!!!

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