Sunday, September 30, 2012

HELP! And Sunday Update

So - I just did the tally on my Thanksgiving dinner -- eek!

Let me start the story by saying that I sent out the invite about 2 weeks ago and I hadn't had any response except for my dear friend Hajni :)  I was starting to actually worry a little that we wouldn't have anyone except Hajni - oh, and Flora.  And then I thought, its okay, so we'll just have Jodi, Michelle, Hajni, Flora and me, no sweat, easy and laid back. 

So last year, when Jodi had ordered the turkey, I went to pick it up and it was much smaller than I thought I should have so I got a second turkey and had plenty left over.  This year, I told Jodi we might have like 14 or 15 people.  She ordered the bird a few weeks ago (in Hungary, they don't really do whole turkeys so you need to special order them) and told him like 15 people.  We're getting this low count for the dinner and I figure, I think we had ordered a bird that big last year, so we'll be ok, some leftovers, but generally ok.  Jodi and I went over to pick up the turkey on Friday and, thank goodness I had one of the guys from the team with us.  

This is a story in and of itself.  We go up to the poultry butcher counter in the market area and Jodi tells him we're here to pick up the turkey.  He goes back into the fridge and a minute later, he walks out with this turkey thats the size of a cow.  It was HUGE!  It was so huge that there was actually a gathering of Hungarians shopping in the market who started to just come around the counter to stare out or bird.  Jodi and I look at each other and at Adam and we just busted out laughing.  Then the butcher takes it out of its bag thing to show us and the head is still on!  Jodi and I give the "eek" look and she tells him that we don't usually see the head on and he says that he'll take care of it and puts it on the block and grabs his big old butcher knife, giving Jodi and I just enough time to give a little scream and cover our eyes.  Now there are even more Hungarians gathered around us and they're just laughing and laughing (it really was WITH us AND AT us! :)).  Then butcher take the big long cut off head and neck and he totally sticks it up the turkey butt.  That made us laugh even harder because I just thought of that good old phrase about having your head stuck up your... butt? :)  We finally got the bird all wrapped up and paid for and the butcher hands me the little receipt and I'll be dog gone if there's not turkey blood on it.  It was such a funny - yet sad - day for all of us - and the turkey....

Anyways.  I've been having these little attacks yesterday and today about the fact that we'll have like 5 people and this 25 lb turkey and its such a waste.  Finally this morning I just happened to have this peace that was like, ok, whatever happens its whats supposed to be and if its 5 people its what God had planned so its good.  I think part of my little attacks was the fact that I've always had like 10 or 12 girls before and it made me a little sad and feeling a little maybe like I'd "failed" in connecting with other girls.  I guess thats the biggest thing - I just love the connections I have here so when I felt like it was maybe the end, I started thinking that maybe I'm losing those connections.

I should add that I've connected with a few girls this week that I had emailed and invited and hadn't heard back from them so thats a little why I was in a funk about it.  That just doesn't usually happen.  But I do think it was something that I needed to center myself and remember that all of those relationships are God's relationships and so its not me that plants, waters and grows, but God.

I was just to the place where I was feeling good about that and about having a 25lb turkey with 5 people when all of a sudden, I started checking email and getting response after response from girls who I've worked with and met and talked to.  

As of 10 pm Sunday evening, my head count is 20! HELP!!!!!!!  I'm slightly paniced now, but I'm trying to center in this.  Now, I guess I can't ever be at peace, as I'm worried we're not going to have enough food!  No - I think I'm ok with knowing that God fed the thousands with 5 loaves and 2 fishes, I'll surely have enough with a 25lb turkey, and 3 pies! :)

I'm kind of excited about these new connections as I'm getting to start all over again with some high schoolers and first year university students.  I was involved with first year students all the way through their 5 years at the university and now they've all graduated -- now God seems to have given me another 5 years to connect with girls.  Please pray for these opportunities.  Some of the first year university students are Juli, Dora and Diana.  Two of the high school students are Noemi and Niki -- they're both "juniors" (they don't go by our grade names here but that their equivalency.  Its kind of exciting as they're all so so sweet!

Ok.  So the other answer to prayer is that Hajni and David came to church with me this morning and hung out with me pretty much all day.  We had a great time together and Hajni has asked me over for dinner on Wednesday night to their apartment.  Excited about that.  

Dinner is at 6:30 tomorrow evening and Michelle has the day off tomorrow so it will be nice to have a little company.  I'm actually ok with all the cooking and all.  Its not too intense as I finished the pies already today and have the turkey all seasoned up and in his bag :)  I'm a little exhausted now from the week so just pray that by the time 6:30 comes I'm not wiped.  I'm also happy that I'll have Americans here this year with me to get my back :)  Michelle and Jodi will both be here and that makes a difference.

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