Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quick Wednesday - Saturday....

Its been a quick, but long, but awesome week.  I must admit, we have wifi - even though we have to enter like 9 million numbers every time we get onto the wifi - every time!  However, we've had some pretty fun people in the group and I can't pass up fun so, every night, after we finish whatever outreach we're doing, I, being a sheep, follow these fun party people out on the town until like midnight and one every morning.  And then we get up the next morning and do it all again!  So - with the early mornings and the late nights, I've been a back blogger.  My apologies!

Today is Saturday, the last day of the week for us.  Today was our group tour day and so we did a tour of the Parliament (this was my second time, but just as interesting - although I learned this time that the Americans had Hungary's crown jewels until 1978..... Jodi said that when they give the American tour, like today, they tell us that America had taken Hungary's crown jewels after WWII sometime to protect them for the Hungarian people - but she said in the Hungarian tour, they tell the Hungarians the Americans stole them from Hungary..... I guess I've not researched it, but you look it up and tell me what the truth is :)!)  We also did a bus tour of the city, but the kooky part was that it was actually one of those busses that goes into the water so we also did a bus/boat tour on the Danube.  Too fun!

I'll quick sketch the week and tell you that Wednesday we had the university outreach in the evening and it went great.  Had a lot of kids show up and had a great time together as a group.  On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I had the opportunity to go to the medical university to talk to the classes.  We basically just did conversation English and talked about how health care in American really works with insurance and all.  They were 90 minute classes which sounded scary but actually zoomed by.

I also did the Corvinus (business) University on Wednesday and Thursday.  We did about 4 English classes there each day and met a lot of first year students.  Thursday evening the took us to the new Arts Theatre where they do concerts and opera and all.  Its an absolutely beautiful building!

Friday I got to go to high school, the Vaci school is where I was last year and the year before for a few classes.  We just started going there and it was so cool to walk through the halls and see kids look at us and then yell out "FEK?" and when we said yes, their faces would literally light up.  Yay!  It was nice to be recognized and have the kids really get excited about us being there.  They were great to talk to in the English classes and they're always so grateful to have us.  Its just fun!

Friday evening was the high school outreach and they had a pretty good group of kids.  I actually met two girls afterwards who are coming to my Thanksgiving dinner on Monday.

Tomorrow is Sunday and Hajni and her boyfriend David are meeting me for church.  She's so excited to try Calvary and I can't wait to hang out with them.  We'll go for lunch afterwards and then they're going shopping with me for Thanksgiving dinner stuff.

Pray for Thanksgiving that I get a lot of the girls to come.  I've had a weak response, but its been a different year as a lot of my university girls are not in university anymore.  I've got some high school girls that I've connected with this year so its fun to have some new friends.  Pray that prep and the dinner and all goes well.  I transfer over to Jodi and Michelle's apartment tomorrow so I'll go over there in the morning before service.

English classes in the high school at Vac

Mark and Jayne - this is for you - your Vitamin Roll :)!

English classes at the medical university -- was it mean that they teamed up two Alisons?! :)  

Tour day - one of my most favorite areas in Budapest - St Stephens Basillica.

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