Sunday, September 23, 2012


What a great Sunday morning!  Seeing old friends, going to Calvary, hanging out at lunch with some girlfriends and then - shopping!  Ok, shopping for an airmattress, but it was shopping! :)

We went to the 10 a.m. service at Calvary.  Its always so familiar and nice feeling going back there.  Their services are in English and Hungarian.  The singing is usually Hungarian, but they but stuff in English too so you can hear all the Hungarians singing in their language and then we're singing in our language - its a cool thing to hear "Jesus Paid It All" with both languages in unison... Love it!  The Pastor is American so, even though he does speak Hungarian, since its a very international church, he preaches in English and has a translator do Hungarian.  He was preaching from II Cor. 10 today, talking about how we basically all need to be on the same page.  We can't have "followings" in our faith saying that we followed this guys preaching or that guy.  We follow Christ and there should be no division between people.  Its not who we are, but what we preach.  

Jodi, Michelle, Leslie and I then went to this cafe/restaurant for lunch.  Michelle just moved over about 3 weeks ago to start working with Campus in Hungary.  Leslie is from Michelle's old church in GA and this is her 5th year back.  She's been here most every year I've been here and I love her to death - she's so sweet but really down to earth and just fun.  As you can tell from the above - Michelle is pretty fun as well :)

Michelle and Leslie took off afterwards for Michelle to cut Leslie's hair and Jodi and I took off to find an air mattress.  I'm staying with her the week after so we wanted an extra bed.  We found the air mattress and then I looked at it and asked "how do we blow it up", Jodi translated and the woman responded that we could just have them fill it at the store.  Made me laugh -- so, we're going to buy the bed, bring it back for them to fill it and then walk back to Jodi's house about 10 blocks away..... The funny thing is - it would be totally in the norm for that to happen in Budpaest :)!  The woman also said we could blow it up - that made me laugh as well as - its a big air mattress - I mean, I have pretty good breath, but wow.... 

We have some training tonight and a dinner together.  I'm actually bailing on the dinner as one of my girls, Hajni, has been dying to see me and now that she's a working girl, she doesn't have days free.  She's coming to the hotel tonight and I brought a bunch of my expired work clothes for all my working girls to try on.  Figured I'd rather give them to some poor just starting girls!  I'm going to see if she and her boyfriend want to do church and lunch with me next week - they're just starting out together so I thought I'd introduce them to something new - pray that they'll come with me as I'd love for them to experience Calvary! :)

Just thought I'd put in a few views from my room - not grand - but its my Budapest view!  The hills of Buda!

Just downloaded this one off my phone from yesterday -- the sign outside the Amsterdam airport.  I thought it was kind of cool...

Oh, by the way - I slept like a rock last night!  From 10pm until 8 am. And I'm about to take a quick cat-nap before our training.... :)  Keep you updated with more later!

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