Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another Weekend Post

Not much going on this week -- got to stay home an do the "normal" office thing.... yucky.  I really am SOOOO glad that I don't have to work in an office everyday (sorry to those of you who do:(...)

So - my cupcake update.... I got two big orders -- well, one big order and one BIGGGGG order.  I'm doing 40 cupcakes for a bday party and 300 for an open house.   I started baking today as I'm going to be gone for both so I'm baking ahead and freezing them.  I think I did like 60 today - I suppose thats kind of a dent, but dents matter.  Its putting a little spur in me to actually finish up that silly website.  I'll make sure to connect a link to the website when I finally do get it going.

The only other thing that happened was that I had some friends over for dinner.  I did it really really easy as I just picked up a bunch of sushi from Hyashi - yum!  No mess making - no mess cleaning up.  My kind of dinner party!

Thats it for my exciting weekend.  More baking on Labor Day!  You really must labor on a day called "Labor" - right?

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