Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I misread my schedule this morning and I've found myself with a few hours of free time!  Completely unusual for a BHHP week (the free time not the misread part).

Monday was additional training in the morning and then we took off for different jobs.

This is the first year that we've gotten into the medical university.  FEK staff knew what I did and thought I was the most qualified to talk about medical stuff - wow - thats pushing it - but they put me with two other people and told me I would do a 45 minute presentation (yikes!) and then we would just do conversation for 45 minutes.  The class was in full a 90 minute class.  Turns out that we came in and the teacher just started us talking with the students and it turned out pretty well.  We just asked them questions about what they were studying and then we ended up all talking about healthcare in the EU and in the US (which, I suppose I didn't realize, but each country has their own way of doing healthcare even if they're in the EU... I thought they would pretty much have standardized things, but they haven't).

Tuesday we ended up back at the medical university, but with a different teacher.  It went well again, I think because the one woman they paired me with, we just seemed to work together really well with conversation and questions and all.  I'm supposed to go back to the med school again today, but unfortunately, my med school buddy is sick and they're trying to get some antibiotics for her (please pray for Lorraine that she feels better to finish the week - she sounds awful and is completely congested so she can't even breath).

An interesting question that was asked by the teach on Tuesday - and I find that most other countries think this of the US but I find it to be completely untrue.... Apparently, the British comedians mock American healthcare and say things like, I came to visit and I tripped and fell on the sidewalk and hit my head and they left me there bleeding because I didn't have any money....  I suppose what I've experienced with healthcare is that we don't let people lay there bleeding, there are ways to get healthcare - enough said.  But then when we talk to people they tell us how basically they have a queue for healthcare and if you need something you get in line.  The line moves up and when the "store" closes for that month then you just have to stand there and wait in line to maybe get in the next month.  I know its a touchy subject, but its interesting that they all want to talk about it and find out how things really are with us.  The students tell us that the Hungarian papers tell them things about American and the healthcare and Obama's healthcare and such and I think that a lot of what they're told is not quite true.

Okay - thats enough on that topic! :)

Now to the real stuff...

Monday evening we had a dorm outreach at Takay which is the dorm that I first met Flora and Hajni and Zsu in.  Its the old, beat up dorm thats like an hour from the Corvinus (business school) campus.  Brian, who had been here two years ago (by the way, Mark and Jayne, if you're keeping up, Brian says HI... :)) did a presentation on Transformation.  He works for JC Penney in the "fashion" department and they actually just hired Ron Johnson who is the guy who redid Target and Apple stores to the look they have now.  He's "transforming" JC Penney stores.  So business speaking, Brian talked about transforming a business and then he tied it into transforming your life and how his life was transformed through Christ.  It was a really good talk and it was probably the largest group of students there that I've ever experienced at Takay.  A few of the newer BHHPers had some good talks and will hopefully meet up again with some of the students.

Tuesday evening we were at Raday, a dorm right by Corvinus thats the nicest dorm in the whole group.  Its a really clean, updated dorm with tons of students and they actually have a large number of American students.  The other "international" students that come to Budapest for university have to find their own housing but the Americans get to stay in the dorms.  One of the American students told me that it was so weird because when they first started the semester all the other international students were coming to class every day with this big bag that all their belongings were in because they would just sleep in the streets or whatever while they were looking for a flat to live in.  At the Raday dorm for our talk (Mark, this is where you spoke) we usually don't have large numbers and the room we meet in is small but we just started accessing this dorm.  Since it was my night to talk, I was fine with not having a lot of faces there :)  Flora came to hear me and Hajni and her boyfriend David came as well - that made me feel special that they were all coming to hear me.

I spoke on "How To Use Goals to Succeed In Business" and I think it went really well.  I know this from what everyone told me as well as my audience's reaction....  I talked about having a goal, sharing a goal, making sure your goal serves others and being flexible to reach your goals.  I talked about business goals but then I talked about how we each have to have personal goals in order to succeed in our life and our business and how, just like with business, we have to act on our goals and the best goals are geared towards others - if we help others succeed, we succeed.  I talked about my goals and how my relationship with God helps me define the goal that I have for my life, to show Him through helping others know him through my life.  I actually ended with a little demonstration that I found quite fun.  I had pulled together a pack of PPEs (personal protective equipment) before I left home.  PPEs are what they wear in the sterile processing departments that I work in.  They wear PPEs to help them acheive their goal of personal and patient safety.  I then put on each piece of the PPEs and explained why we wear them.  When you finish putting on PPEs you look like some freak because you're totally covered with crazy stuff.  Eye gear, face gear, feet and hair.  I explained how working in it was not fun - it was hot and it was smelly after a while and you sweat and its hard to hear people when you talk.  I then related it to how sometimes getting to a good goal is hard work and may be uncomfortable or inconvenient, but the end result is the success of others and your own success.

It was actually a really fun presentation and I spent some time afterwards talking to some of the students there.  Some of the American students were really outgoing and friendly this year as well - the other year I was there, they weren't very involved or receptive with us but we had some great conversations this year.

Tonight is the weekly outreach they do at the Africafe.  There have been tons of students invited to a talk on Emotional Intelligence - they do this one once a year and its a great talk on how our emotions influence our actions and decision.  Laci usually shares his amazing testimony with this talk so please pray that there would be a lot of students there and that we'd just have some great talks and start some great relationships with these students.

Also - I did meet two girls yesterday in a university English class.  I've invited them to Thanksgiving on Monday so pray that they'll come.  Their names are Julianna and Dora.  Julianna has been wanting to come to Chicago and she was so excited to meet me.  Her aunt actually is living in Lake Forest so I had fun talking about how I live right by there and talking about Six Flags and such.  They're both really sweet girls.  Its kind of cool because this is the year that Hajni and Zsu have graduated and Andi has moved so I've been praying that I'd form some new relationships and I'm praying that this would be some of that answer to that prayer.  Both girls are freshmen which means I'd have 5 more years with them! :)

Thanks for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for our English class conversations and for the meeting tonight!  Its been a great week so far!

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