Saturday, September 8, 2012

WHAT!? Back In Orlando?!

WHAT?!  Did we hear you right?  You're back in Orlando for another sales meeting?!!!!!!!

Ok - I was browsing through pictures and found this pict and had to have an excuse to use it because, you must admit - its downright adorable!  At least the right hand side of the pict :)

But, yes, I am down in Orlando again.  Two weeks and two times to Orlando for two different sales meetings.  Why?  Why I ask, do they have a sales meeting in Orlando?!  I really don't know the answer to that as its murder.  I hate the flights here and back (they're packed with happy and then cranky family going to see their beloved Mickey Mouse - they take forever to go through security and even longer to board.  They whine and they cry and they bargain and yell..... I vote for an airport dedicated solely to families going on vacation!  I think I could win a presidency running on that platform!  That and highways dedicated solely to semis -- the only roads they can go on are roads that are created specifically for them so we would no longer have to travel in the far lane going behind a semi going 45 or have to suddenly vere because a semi decided he wanted to be in your lane....... VOTE FOR ME IN 2012 AND I'LL CHANGE THE WAY WE TRAVEL!  Thats my campaign logo - run with....)

This week I had the pleasure of travelling with one of my bosses who likes to do all the booking for our "group" himself.  Meaning - don't worry about your hotel, I'll just do a group res.  Last Thursday I happened to ask, "so what hotel are we staying at?" to which a slightly panicked look came over his face, he shuffled through some papers and then uttered an explitive... The good thing of that story is, he ended up having to book us at the Ritz Carlton.  Poo.... so disappointing.... :(   NOT!  It was beautiful, but I must admit, my Courtyard beds are probably more comfortable, I didn't sleep that well.  And, because we didn't have a car and were pretty secluded there, we had to eat at the hotel all the time and you couldn't even get a side of fries without paying like $25.  I got some great decorating tips and some great shampoo and and body lotion, but I am glad to be back at the airport headed home.

We were on the sales floor pretty much all day yesterday and the show concluded at 5:30.  I had yelped a few days before and found that there was a bikram yoga place not far from the hotel where the show was at.  There was a Friday evening class that started at 6:15 so I really quick helped close up and then I took off for the yoga studio around the corner to spend a great Friday evening with my old friend, Bikram!  The classroom was SO hot - hotter than usual because think it was a little smaller and it was pretty crowded and the last space that was left was right in front of a blower blowing out hot air.  I was sweating so bad that 10 minutes into it, I was leaking so badly that my whole towel and yoga clothes were SOAKED.  It was crazy.  But it felt so good to pull through that whole class and do it completely and so well.  I had almost every pose to a T and my muscles felt so good afterwards.

Last week before I left I baked 300 plus 2 dozen cupcakes and now I'm on my way home now to do 40 more for a birthday party next week.

AND - exciting pictures to come next week as I'm working out in Seattle and will then go down to stay the weekend with my bro in beautiful, sane PORTLAND!

Oh - I have to add this - I worked downtown on Tuesday and headed down at my usual 9 a.m.  Mind you anytime, between 7 and 2 is a BEAR to travel and lately - its just been bad all the time.  The traffic is ridiculous and it will take me 2 and 3 hours to get downtown sometime.  Well, Tuesday come, I start at 9 and I figure, I'm going to be there after 11 - THERE WAS NOOOOOO TRAFFIC!  I mean - nothing!  I made it downtown to my account by 9:45!  I didn't know what to do as I had so much time to spare!  It was like everyone left the city and forgot to come back!  I had to snap this shot of 94 - I've never seen it so bare!

Ok - over and out for the first week of September!

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