Friday, August 30, 2013

Ah! So Relaxing!

This evening mom and I headed out in the hot, hot heat.  The sun beating down, the grass turning brown.  It was oppressive and we were both dragging, trying to drink copious amounts of water.

I was treating mom to a mani/pedi so we stopped at Pink Nails.  The sun was still beating through the windows and were happily looking at magazines.  Halfway through the pedicure, we look up, it's pitch black and -blam - it starts pouring rain.  No big deal - wait - the lights are flickering .... NOOO - they go out!

We're now sitting in the dark experiencing a pitch black manicure...

It's interesting....:)

Oh - and Rach - this is for you.... My Lovely Thai on a Friday night...:)

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Anonymous said...

I would be jealous, but of course I can get that food for about $2 a plate or less at multiple places within 10 minutes of my house ;-).
-rach :o)