Thursday, August 1, 2013

Phew! Thursdays Over!

It started off such a great morning!  Sunrise, a great breeze so a wonderful sleep last night. Catching rainbows over the back stern!

We sailed over to the wreck of the Rogue (argh!) and snorkeled around it.  It was a mail carrier from 1867 that crashed off Salt Island but its shallow enough you can snorkel it and see the whole engine and all this other wreckage.  We did see some jellyfish though so decided to make a quick snorkel.  

Then we jumped in the dinghy and headed over to the beach of Salt Island to walk around.  We collected salt for a while (Janes daughter is getting married and wanted to hand salt out at the wedding).  I also has filled then in on how we mud bathed in the Dead Sea so we all ended up slathered in mud.  

While we gathered, Gaye and Lauren went over to do some snorkeling.  No sooner had they gone in then Gaye saw loads of jellyfish and told Lauren to get out.  However, Gaye ended up with jellyfish stings all over her body.  And as this happened we all walked over to get the mud off and within a few minutes Kate ended up with jellyfish stings all over.

So our plans changed as we sailed back to Virgin Gourda yacht club to buy vinegar which we doused Gaye and Kate with.

We then decided to sail over to Bitter End to do some land activities as the jellyfish have been creating havoc.  We went to go hiking on a trail and Cathy took a spill backwards, scuffing herself up badly.

We're now back on the boat enjoying hamburgers....

Exhausting day!

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