Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Don't Let It Go To Your Head

Yes Alison!  You're number ONE!

At least that's what I was told yesterday:)

Monday - early flight to beautiful, busy Des Moines, IA where the people are friendly and the grass is browner than Illinois.

My LOL for the day was getting into the airport and needing something to eat before my rep picked me up.  I stopped at this little airport coffee stand and ordered a coffee and then looked at this big basket of assorted muffins.  You could tell they were all different but no where did it say what kind they were or anything.  So I asked the cashier "what kind of muffins are these?" To which she looked at me like I am so backwards by even thinking about asking, and she flatly replied "Muffins".  I don't know if they're equal opportunity muffin people there and they wouldn't think to hurt a muffins feeling by choosing blueberry over banana nut?  Or maybe she sincerely thought "muffin" was a flavor?!  Those crazy Iowans.....

And then my rep picks me up and we head to the hospital and we go to sign in but my Reptrax (ach) account won't let me sign in so the guy at the desk says that he can give me a special vendor sign in badge and proceeds to pull out a big tag with a number 1 on it and begins to make jokes about my badge being number one and me being number one and all (which I knew I was before a guy from Iowa told me that:)).

We finish our appointment and my rep brings me back to the airport where I just miss the earlier flight by like 5 minutes.  I feel pretty low, but not to worry!  I stop for something to eat and am given  a number and told to wait.  And you'll never guess what the tag says that I'm given....

I'm number One!  

Yes - I felt like the universe was reminding me that I am indeed number One!

And then I missed my flight....

No, I'm joking, I didn't miss my flight, and I know I'm not number One.. But some days, you just need to feel like you are!  And some days it takes a village in Iowa to remind you of that!:)

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