Thursday, August 1, 2013

Somebody Has To Do It!

Soul Sail 2013 was going to happen and they needed sailors so somebody had to do it!  Somebody had to come aboard and help sail the boat and lounge around on hammocks and snorkel and paddle board - that's why I joined!:)

Tuesday morning we motored out and then threw up the sails and a mere 3 hours later we were anchored outside of Sandy Spit island, putting on snorkels and jumping into the water.  

A great day - no rain except about 2 minutes in the morning and then 3 minutes at night once we were in bed.  We anchored out by Sandy Spit and only 3 other boats kept us company (including our neighbors who went naked as soon as 7pm hit - all big, hairy 5 of them!  And that's including the woman..

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