Thursday, February 26, 2015

Aren't I Lucky!

The comment I get a lot when people find out I travel is "you're so lucky!"

I suppose in a lot of ways I am lucky.  I've gotten to see every state in the US (except Hawaii...) thanks to my job.  When it's icy and 20 below, I get to go to CA and FL and sunshiny states where I can unthaw.  I get to visit friends who live all over the country.  So many pluses that make me lucky in a lot of ways.

But then- there are the times when family is visiting and I have to leave early to go on a work trip.  Hate that.

And even worse, when you're sick and you've got to go.  If you're in an office you call in sick if you're not well.  You're sick and you've got a flight booked and an inservice scheduled, you suck it up and go!  You feel like crap, but you keep on going becaus you've got too much riding on going.  

So this week I'm in nice warm CA - San Francisco and San Diego.  Which would be awesome and is awesome - but unfortunately I caught a vicious bug before I left and now I've been literally suffering!  I would LOVE to have called in sick, but this was the only time I could do this trip so I had to keep on going.  And it turned out that yesterday, according to my friend, when she hugged me, she discovered I had a fever.  Which at least verified that I wasn't crazy because I had been feeling chills and feeling like I had no energy.  At least I knew I was sick sick.  I literally had to keep on encouraging myself to do things.  Getting out of the car "I can do this!"  Picking up my purse "I can do this!"  Putting my pants on "I can do this!"  Im telling you tuesday and Wednesday were horrible horrible - I could barely function and I'm so hopeful that I haven't infected half the country with my crap.  I should have worn a mask but I didn't - I might have to correct that on the way home.  In the meantime I'm trying to muffle my coughs, blows and sneezes so I don't get kicked out of the hospital.  I think I can make it!and tomorrow night I fly home and then get to fall into my wonderful bed for a good nights sleep at home.  

In the meantime - I'm so lucky, I'm so lucky, I'm so lucky ... I keep on telling myself that!

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