Monday, February 23, 2015

New Family Meets Old

Towards the end of last year I ended up following a call that I felt God pulling me towards for a few years and, after 16 years, I started going to a different church.  It was a hard prospect for me to even consider at first, that's why it took me about 5 years to actually follow where I felt called.  I knew my family ties ran deep enough that it didn't mean I was completely loosing my family, but I also knew that it meant I wouldn't be involved with them the same way as I've been for so long and that on top of that, it meant I'd have to go through creating a whole new family again.

However - God likes to put you in places where you dread and then come through for you in ways you'd never guess.

First off - loosing my family... I've become almost more involved with them now because it's had to be intentional involvement rather than just relying on seeing them every Sunday and leaving the relationship there.  I've met them for dinner and had several for lunch and I'm hosting a ladies lunch in March so we can connect.  Wouldn't do that if I didn't have to and it's actually an awesome thing because we're all wanting to stay connected.

And new family - so, I grew up going to a small church in Kenosha and this new church I'm going to is in Kenosha area.  It seems like almost every time I go, I end up seeing someone who went to church with me where I grew up!  Such a God thing!  (And to boot... The last time these people saw me was when I was in high school and so far they've all seen me across te commons area and come over and said "Alison Behn is that you?" So it makes me feel amazing that I apparent have not changed that much since high school!  LOL!  So new old friends and then just a lot of other people that every time I go I end upfinding some connecting with with someone else.  It's been amazing and has really eliminated my feeling of dread at starting over agin.

So all that to say - God is really patient with you when he's directing you someplace and even when it takes you forever to follow, he doesn't leave you in the lurch.  He keeps on showing you how creative and compassionate he is for your silky human emotions!

Thanks God!  I've got my old family and I'm finding new!  Just more prior to add to my "friend and family" pile!:) 

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