Friday, February 27, 2015

It's A New Day - I'll Stop My Whining

I'm feeling slightly better today - I'm still hacking up some nasty stuff (once again, thank you Stephanie!:(. But I'm not totally achey and out of it.

My flight doesn't leave until 3 so it gave me some time to go to La Jolla.  One of my favorite coastal towns!  La Jolla and Canon Beach, OR!  Anyways - there's this restaurant up on a bluff overlooking the ocean and its a great place to just sit and soak in the ocean air.  So here I am.  Sitting and appreciating my last few hours in the warm, sunny weather before I return to reality!  

Down the coast walk farther is where the seal like to sit around and sun themselves.  Oh to be a big, beached seal just sitting in the sun!

The big beached seals that sun themselves while the Asians take pictures with their expensive tripoded cameras!:)

I'm thankful for a few days in the sun even though I've been out of it.  I am a little lucky:). Just wish I had someone here to enjoy the view and the sun with me!!!:)

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