Sunday, December 27, 2015


The week before Christmas was my neice, Jessica's, wedding.  Crazy wedding with tons of family coming into town and an amazing wedding service and message...

and then an awesome party and dancing...

Dancing with people who aren't there...(couples dance - Joe dances with Hannah who he left in Seoul..)

K'maya gets down in a major way!

And even mom got on the floor!

A great wedding, a great time with family and friends!

The weekend before Christmas was our Christmas service at our church.

And then we got to go up by some friends and enjoy the nutcracker ballet with our friend Jen and her two girls playing parts in the production.  I was actually very impressed with the ballet and then we got to go out and have a nice Japanese dinner to finish the evening!  Very enjoyable Sunday indeed!

Christmas Eve was spent with quite a bit of family at Uncle Raines with too much food and family and fun and music and a Christmas play!  And especially Sean getting to know my family and them him - for better or for worse!:)

Christmas morning Sean and I did gifts and breakfast at his place with Mr Calvin!

Christmas Day was at moms.  Again - too much food!  But good family time!  And for the second year the Christmas crackers I got had those whistles in them so we attempted to play some tunes with our whistle orchestra.  Not great, slightly frustrating?  But I think it will be a good memory:)

And then some time downtown with friends and Seans daughter and her boyfriend.  A great Saturday afternoon and very thankful for new relationships and for fellowship and sharing!  And especially overwhelmed by our friend who is sacrificing quite a bit to care for someone very important.  I was so overjoyed to meet the glowing face that I've seen in many pictures!  My prayers are with them and that delightful little chubby legged angel!

Next week it's a little bit of work and then midweek off to celebrate New Years with the Gartlands in Florida!  Too excited to see all of them and be back down there again!

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