Friday, December 18, 2015

Taking Some Time To Recombobulate

It's been a while and a lot has happened so it's now time to stop and Recombobulate!  This is from my last flight out - I flew from Milwaukee as it was cheaper.  Beautiful, dead MKE!  There was no one at security and it took me 10 minutes and a stop at one of my favorite bookshops in the airport to get to my gate!

To start - for work we did 12 Days of Christmas and each department or two departments were assigned a day where we could do anything we want.  We did an amazing race Christmas edition.  We had like 8 different stations that a team had to go through like
Bad bowling...

Airplane making and flying 
Donut eating contest 
Egg drop 
Pallet packing 
Among other things!  And then we tallied points and the winning department got these pretty awesome crazy statues and medals.  Made work fun for - 12 days!

And Calvin update - he's kicking butt on the walking thing!  I bring him to the dog park often and he'll walk around it.  He's walked the whole street a few times.  He can get up by himself and he can get on and down the stairs outside by himself.  I still have to carry him upstairs at night - he won't brave all those steps.  And if I leave him downstairs at night he'll just bark so - I build my muscles and carry him upstairs every night!

Oh - new addition for me..  I bought my bff's bookcase and was able to get a couple more boxes of books from storage!  Yay!

Last weekend brought a trip to Minneapolis where we met my said BFF and we all stayed in a nice hotel with room service and a pool for the weekend!  I had to go into one of my accounts there on Saturday and got to see their beautiful new processing department!

My Sean-earrings for dumped down the sink by the maid and maintenance had to come up and take the sink apart and - yay - I got my earrings back!!!

Saturday night we brought Mel and her daughter and a friend to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and then we went and ate at this pretty amazing Caribbean and southern fusion place - delicious!

Sunday morning Sean and I went to breakfast and church with his daughters. Good time and very interesting church service!

And two times in this past month I worked in Denver where I got to stay with one of my good friends and even got to work in her processing department.   This past Denver trip as soon as I landed I was called and texted that I shouldn't come to Denver because our install had been cancelled!  I ended up getting to stay with Patti and do breakfast on Thursday morning before I flew out!  

 I even got to see her knew apartment - if you squint, in the distance here you can see Pikes Peak!

And now this weekend will bring more blog news - but it's to come!...

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