Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Calvin Update

So Calvin had the surgery to put a metal plate over the fracture in his pelvis.  The surgeon was really pleased with the results and Calvin was sent home on Saturday.  Now, not even a week later, Calvin can shuffle along with help and he can stand up without any help - well stand by himself once he's up not put himself into a standing position, he's not that much of a genius:). 

He last time we went in to the speciality hospital they gave this harness thing with handles to help him stand up and walk.  It's like he's a portable dog:). It's a wonder thing though!  I'm sure he hates it at some level but it really has helped in getting him up and walking!

We got outside on a regular basis.  He still has his catheter in but we have to practice walking and standing so we can get that thing out on Monday and he can go outside to pee!

Last night we took a walk around outside to bring the garbage out and then we came back in and he laid in the kitchen with his Airedale baby and kept me company while I baked cupcakes.

Please continue praying that he gets stronger and can walk on his own so we don't have to help!  It's exhausting for both of us!  Pat and my dog walker Michelle have been life savers wih coming to help get him up and walking! Progress seems to be steady!  He h a little bit of nerve damage that affected his right foot and made his foot flip so that he was walking on the back of his paw.  The surgeon said that the nerves would heal over time and i know they're not completely healed but he tends to put his foot flat more and more now!

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