Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend Of Sean, Church And Dog

This weekend was crazy - but at the same time fun and relaxing - but mostly crazy!

Saturday morning was the Crossway Church Ladies Christmas lunch which I attended with mom and Pat.  There were almost 500 ladies there and it was very - lady-ish!  

After lunch I took Calvin out for a little ride and fun times with a visit to Petsmart!  He did awesome walking on the slippery floor and even had enough strength to pull me over to the cat cages, as well as try to break into a bag of dog food!  He was quite mischievous - but it actually made me happy to see after all he's been through!

Then Sean picked me up to do this little area tour of art studios... Interesting but lame.  We were gonna do two studios, of which one was a room in a barn and the other was - closed.   And our attempted selfie at the first barn studio resulted in this because the owner was smarty pants and decided to pop out and make smart comments about charging for selfies...

Saturday night I went over to Pat and Randys to catch up on Grimm and Cal had a nice relaxing nap with his neice Bailey!

Sunday morning, Sean joined Crossway which made us both members at the same church!  He's the bright blue shirt shaking hands with Pr Bullmore!  25 new members in total?  Something like that.

And Sunday afternoon he helped me put up Christmas lights!  It's nice to have help - not that I haven't done it by myself, but it's always more enjoyable having Sean help!

And then we did movie night at his place.  A great weekend in total!  It's nice not having to full on care for Calvin with catheter bag and not being able to walk. He's getting back to being more self sufficient!  Yay!

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Karl said...

I still can't believe he was able to walk so soon