Thursday, December 3, 2015

Can't Forget Thanksgiving!

I just realized I never posted anything about thanksgiving!  I got kind of overwhelmed with Calvin, but life goes on right!?!

So Thanksgiving morning, Sean and I and his younger daughter and her friend went up to Mikwaukee to participate in this Thanksgiving service to shut ins in the area.  We delivered 6 meals to four different locations, spent some time praying and conversing with these people who tended to be all alone on the holiday!  It was a good time helping others out on a day when we have so much to be thankful for!  And it's all thanks to Sean!  It's something that he's done for the past several years so it was awesome to join in and serve with him!

Then we went back to his place and made a green bean casserole and then we took it over to Pat and Randys with the casserole and joined a huge houseful of family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving!  Tons of food!  Too much food!  Three places full of food!  Stuffed tummies and fun conversation!

And then!  Our traditional band... Well..  It ours because I'm not in it :). And this year, Sean got to join with my nose flute gift to him!  Good times at the Lee Thanksgiving!

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