Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Little Tiny Baby Puppy

To quote Ioana...:)

Today I had Calvin at the Speciality Animal Hospital.  Monday he had an accident with a car and his pelvis is fractured.  They were very positive about him and he's in good health and no other problems and so they wanted to do a surgery to put a metal plate on his pelvis to join the fracture and heal it.

So - I left tiny baby puppy at the hospital this afternoon.  He's pitiful as he saw me and he wanted to get up and I left and he was trying to get up.  

If you think of it, he should have surgery tonight at 10 pm.  Please pray it goes well, pray that Cal doesn't have a lot of pain and pray he recovers quickly.  They say he should be up and walking in 24 hours - like human ortho surgery - the sooner they're up the better.

And please pray for me ... :(

Little tiny baby puppy ....

It's 9pm - update... Me Coolidge came through surgery splendidly!  It was a bad fracture but the surgeon said he was pleased!  Now we pray that he continues to heal and walks well after some healing!
Thanks for your prayers!

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