Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Weekend With Deer and Friends...

This weekend Sean and I headed up to Minnesota early Saturday morning to help   my BFF ... with my BBF:). Mel is looking to rent her basement out so she needed to get some things taken care of and Team Sealison (pronounced Shalison:) came to help!

So while I took the hard part of talking to, getting pedicures with and taking Mel out to dinner, Sean was lazing around under a sink trying to get faucets connected and water running!  That man seriously single handedly installed a new toilet, a new sink and vanity, new light fixture, new medicine cabinet and new shower head in Mels downstairs bathroom.  He was a freaking amazing Bob Villa --- no, better than Bob Villa because my Sean Villa is extremely cute and sweet too!  Bathroom - DONE!  

Poor guy worked his tail off all weekend until about 1 pm and then Team Sealison hopped back in their awesome mobile and hit the road home.  

So here's a new discovery - Minnesota - November ....

In case you're having a hard time telling what's protruding from the backs of those trucks...
DEER - DEAD DEER!  Piled up, strapped down, legs flapping, tongues lolling ... Dead dead deer!  Soooo disgusting!

So Sean drove straight from Rochester to Ohare and dropped me off.  I'm now standing in line for a 10:30 pm flight to Denver.  We're doing two trials there - hoping to get out Tuesday night but right now scheduled to come home Wednesday afternoon:(.  We'll see!

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