Wednesday, November 18, 2015

My Adorable Boy!

No I'm not referring to Sean, although he is adorable!  

The adorable I'm referring to today is my baby Calvin!:). 

Over the weekend I cleaned all around the house - weeded, put lawn furniture away.  And all the while I did this, Calvin took up different positions around the yard, always in leaf piles.  He loves leaf piles!

And then today I dropped him off at the groomers.  I had him on the leash and the groomer opened the little half door to the back "waiting" area where he has large kennels.  As the groomer opened the door I took Cal off his leash and the groomer was talking to me so he didn't grab Cal's collar right away.  So as we were finishing our conversation, Calvin walks into the back area and walks right back to an open kennel, walks into the kennel and just lays down, looking out at as as we finish talking.  Oh my word!  I could have died it was so adorable!  And SMART!  But he takes after me that way - adorable and smart!:)

He'll be so happy to come home with a short hair cut because he's been SO hot lately, even in the cooler weather.  My adorable Airedale!:)

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