Thursday, November 12, 2015

Japanese Catch Up

It's sounds like an Asian condiment doesn't it?:)

I'm standing waiting for washers to run so I figured I'd take a few to finish up posts from last week.

Back downtown at a facility doing some trials for a new company that may private label with us.  I feel so validated and back to normal being back on CS.  I love helping get dirty clean!  And then they have awesome new washers here!  The cart washer that they send the big carts through is beautiful!  

So my last two days in Tokyo were spent with my friend Seiko and her husband Drew.  Seiko and I spent the whole day together on Saturday.  We were going to go up to Nikko as was recommended to me, but Seiko was wanting us to take the bullet train up at 7:30 am and I had gotten back to the hotel at like 9 or 10 after a long day on the "road".  So we opted to just go shopping!  My happy place!

We headed down to a department store (which is actually just a store that looks like a department store but all the different departments are actually different stores.  My mission was shoes... They have awesome ones there!  We wandered through the whole department and every time I found a boot I liked Id ask for my size and they'd say the largest size they had was the one below me!:(. So sad!

Finally one woman volunteered that I should go to the 5th floor.  When we got there - I discovered why they didn't have my size!

It's a slam and a compliment - they consider me to be a larger lady!  But they consider me to be "model sized".  Ouch - hmm:)

We then went and got pedicures.  Me feet were horrible from walking all week.  Wasn't exactly the experience at home but still good!

We finished about 6:3 and got my bags from the one hotel I was staying at and switched to my new hotel.  It was gorgeous and had all these restaurants so we found a tempura place as we were starving.  Seiko then took the trail home and I enjoyed the massive jacuzzi tub in my room.

Great sleep Saturday night and then Sunday morning I got up and took the Shinagawa train to Shinjuku and then found my way to the express train to Chofu.  At Chofu, Drew met me at the train and then we walked and talked for about 15 minutes to their apartment.  What a difference from Tokyo!  There was open land and we walked past a little dairy farm by their house and Drew tried to call the cows - cows don't listen that well!:). We got to their apartment and Seiko was waiting to give me the grand tour.

Oh by the way, I have to show you on the train... Miss Purple.... Purple hair, purple clothes, shoes, bag....

Seiko, Drew and I then walked to their little Japanese church where Drew whispered the sermon to me... He did a pretty good job translating and once in a while Seiko would help out.  

Afterward they took a church Christmas photo which they insisted I sit in on.  Kind of funny but cute.  Then they had a little lunch where we sat around and tried to speak English together - some of them where pretty good.  We left around 1 and then walked around Chofu and ate lunch and did a little shopping for a friend of mine at home who used to live in Japan.

One of their favorite funny restaurants... They all dress like American Cowboys and they say "Hello" and "thank you" on English with their Japanese accents.

We all ended up going back to Shinjuku to get a few more things.  
So Japan makes me laugh because they love their hello kitty.  I told you about jackets and clothes and now, it they make construction a happy thing with hello kitty!

After finishing shopping we headed to dinner - my last Okonomayaki for the trip!  It's Drews favorite too so we all enjoyed this little downstairs restaurant together!
Sooooo good!

Monday morning I got to sleep in a little then I ate breakfast and took around the hotel grounds that were these beautiful Japanese gardens.

Ran and got some Starbucks and back in time to catch the bus to the airport!  I honestly was so ready and excited to be home!  I've been gone so much and I missed a lot of things!  The flight was actually overbooked that I was on so I was extremely grateful to be put on a direct flight instead of going through LA!  Just got me home earlier and back into Sean's car and arms!  It felt so good to be back there!

Last international trip of the year and I'm pretty sure I'm ok with that!

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