Sunday, November 1, 2015

Off Again

Kim pointed out to me the other night when we got together that my falls are always crazy... And I guess she's right!

I had rumors of it but then a confirmation while I was in Budapest that work is sending me to Japan to help with some training for sales reps for a company we private label for.  So as soon as I've gotten back and unpacked my ginormous suitcases I'm packing up my small carry on and taking off again for a week!  I leave at noon tomorrow and fly straight to Tokyo.

But for today Sean and I worshipped together at church this morning and then Sean surprised me with an awesome afternoon up by some of his old haunts.  We went to brunch at this woodsy kind of place in somewhere in Wisconsin:). And then we went hiking at Pike Lake in the kettle moraine area .... We took the dogs with us and went up to the top of this hill and then I climbed up a tower at the top and looked out all over and was even able to see good old Holy Hill!  The colors were basically gone but it was such a beautiful day that who cared!  

Oh and we can't forget the Halloween packers themed display!  Weird!  They're skeletons in case you can't tell...

Great afternoon!  Beautiful weather!  Even better company!  

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