Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Don't Judge A Country By Its Toilet Seats

Or maybe you should judge a country by its toilet seats...  All I know is Japan would be the classiest country in the world!  I'm seriously always infatuated with their toilets!  They play music, the spray scents, the wash your touche for you or mist them lightly.  And my absolute favorite thing is, when you sit down on them - almost anywhere - it's warm and cozy!  Japan is number one in my toilet ratings!

So the other amusing thing about Japanese bathrooms is, in a lot of hotels here (having stayed in a few) they do these mood bathroom things that they install in the rooms.  It's really queer as its this tiny thing that you can tell is ore manufactured.  So weird.

Today was technically not a long day.  It's interesting working with Japanese as opposed to Chinese.  Japanese seem to be much more scheduled and they stick to it.  We started in the office at 10 and were scheduled to just talk business for two hours, then do lunch at noon until one and then one until 5 we did training.  Right on schedule.  Ron did most of the training in Japanese.  He moved here in 1993 and married a Japanese woman and moved back to the states a few years back.  It's nice working with him as we're about the same age and we just work together really well.  Anyways - I sat and nailed with my eyes open for about 3 hours while they all spoke Japanese.  And then at 4 I did my part of the training and had it translated so 30 minutes took an hour.

After the training we went back to Shinjinku by where I was staying.  We dined at one of those take off your shoes and sit on the floor restaurants.  I got a look at my feet when I got back and I'm so embarrassed... Ugh.  Anyways, we had a pretty good Japanese meal that wasn't too much - opposed to Chinese dining which goes on forever and you're so stuffed.  Oh and even better, we weren't fed duck feet or elk hearts.  Thank goodness!  Japanese consists of a lot of chicken which made me happy. And then we were given little cups of sake which wasn't as bad as Palinka but surely wasn't good.

Tomorrow we leave my hotel at 7:20 a.m. To catch a flight to Osaka to do training there.  Tomorrow will be a long long day..

But as I sat occupying time this afternoon, I stumbled upon the most adorable picture ever!!!!  I'm going out tonight on Jasmine and Calvin cuteness!

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