Thursday, November 5, 2015

More Toilets - What A Classy Country!

We just boarded the plane for Osaka.  It's crazy - they start boarding only 10 minutes before they take off and Ron says they always take off on time!  

So security is weird here because you can actually take a water bottle or larger size through - they just put it in this machine that detects whether there's metal in it.  Weird...

We (or I) grabbed a starbucks and then went to sit at the gate.  I left my bags and went to the washroom.  And how nice and clean and classy they were!  I got in and, I'm gonna be graphic here but it's part of the story, and sat down on the heated seat and all of a sudden this loud rush of water started coming out of a speaker behind me... Seriously!  It was dual purpose - the sound made me pee and then the sound covered up the sound of me peeing!  Ingenious!  Love it! I rate Japan number one in bathrooms!  Lol - that turned out to be a little pun there:)

We're just taking off and as we pull out - everyone on the runway who's unloading baggage or directing planes or anything, they're stopping and they're doing this grand waving procession as we roll down the runway.... I feel so acknowledged and appreciated! 

Oh - I'm sharing an awesome steet sign saw this morning on the way to the airport... I love signs!

More later once our day begins!

Ron and I are now on the bullet train headed up from Fukokoka to Osaka.  Our training was in Fukuoka.  We arrived via plane from Tokyo around noon and then walked around the corner from the airport and ate lunch at a ramen place where Ron and I sat next to two gushing teenage girls who loved America and practiced their broken English on us.  It was kind of cute:). 

Oh I do need to insert a thanks to mom for teaching me how to use chopsticks - I'm always thankful every time a bowl of udon or ramen is put in front of me and I can expertly maneuver with chopsticks because there's nothing else here!  Not that if want to be using a fork with my udon in Japan!  No thanks - I like the challenge of a good chopstick!

After ramen we walked about 10 minutes to the Canon offices.  We left Tokyo and it was a cool fall morning, we arrived in Fukoka and it was HOT!  I became a sweaty mess on the way to the office!

Training done and Ron and I were dropped off at the train station.  I have my pict with the Chinese bullet trains so here I am in Japan with theirs!

So Ron was telling me that this is an old train that I'm by because the new ones look like a platypus in the front.  We're actually on a platypus train right now.  Apparently Japan has so many tunnels that every time the old train would go through you could feel it slowing down because of the wind resistance so they made these new platypus ones so they break the wind (yes you can laugh at that phrase..:).

Oh I have to share another hilarious Japanese sign!... 
Take that selfie stick and you goofy people using them!

We should get into Osaka at about 7 or so.  We'll stay the night there tonight, do the last training sessions tomorrow morning in Osaka and then take the train to Nagoya for the last training and then take the train back to Tokyo.  I have no clue if we'll end up having time to go to Kyoto tomorrow as we didn't have time tonight!... Sorry mom:(

We ended up going out to eat with our colleagues here in Osaka.  We did the Japanese style where they give you this tray of sauces and then they have these fried bite things that they bring out two at a time and line it up with the sauce that they recommend it be paired with.  There was everything from fried lotus root to beef, fish paste and quail eggs...
My favorite was the shrimp that came out with legs, eyes and all!  I chomped down in everything but the tail:(

They asked me what my favorite Japanese food is and hands down - it's Okonamiyaki!  So they told me that that's where we're going for lunch tomorrow!  Yay!  Tune in tomorrow for what this delicious food is!!!:)

Oh - and here's a sick little tidbit that makes me happy... I just found out that there's a starbucks two blocks down from us - it opens at 7 and we don't get picked up until 7:45 ... Yay!!!!  I'm running on coffee this week!!!!

Night night from Osaka!

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