Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Its Hard To Say Goodbye

I had an early morning treck at the dog park this morning due to an early morning grooming appt. I enjoyed the nice weather, finished, got ready, drove off with dogs - and then heard on the radio we're supposed to get 6 inches of....of....of....s-n-o-w......:(

So - I'm fondly bidding adieu to the beautiful scenes of ground and brown grass and frosted trees and weeds and...and....I can't go on - I'm verklempt...

And to boot -I jumped in the car to pick the dogs up and found my temp in the car at 63 but it went to a steady 58. 58! It's January! I don't want it to go away!

So in lieu of the snow tomorrow, I baked cupcakes for my dear friend, Jan, who is the worlds best receptionist and all around do-tasker in the office, a great friend, and a awesome Christian who always has an ear for me and sound, godly advice. She's been asking for eggnog cupcakes and I finally found the last of the nog and hope to greet her with these eggnog cupcakes with white chocolate, eggnog whipped frosting.
Or maybe it will be a massive storm and we'll all be stuck at home!:). Who am I kidding - those silly plows have been chomping at the bit for this storm!

Goodbye grass, goodbye ground, goodbye flower beds - I'll see you in March...:(.... hopefully?

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Karl said...

wires must have gotten crossed somewhere because it's been freezing here. no snow however - and I don't there will be (at least at this elevation). Enjoy shoveling the driveway!