Friday, January 20, 2012

Mountain Men

Unfortunately, due to my finicky phone, I had a post on IPhone that never got posted because of some stupid excuse it gave me.... I'll try to catch you up on all that later.

In the meantime I'm back on the road - in Boston - probably stuck here for quite some time as the citizens of Chicago enjoy some type of close-down-the-city storm.  I've already had one flight cancelled - we'll see if number two get sent down the toilet as well....

But - I have to share that I just received a text from my friend Karlene (with the 6 kids out in Utah).  Those kids are hilarious and are always saying something that comes from a vivid imagination or an overactive mind - I don't know what.  Well - I know their mom pretty well so I'm sure a lot of the crazy stuff is genetic.

Today, Karlene texted me to say that the two oldest boys, Benjamin and Jeremiah, just told her "mommy, when I grow up I want to be like Miss Alison - I'm going to be a missionary mountain man!"

I have no clue what they mean.

Not one part of that statement rings true, but I've pieced together a little plausible story.

When Karlene and I were in college, we (actually SHE created it) had this pamphlet/booklet thing called "St Felicitys".  St Felicitys was awesome - the best institution ever.  It was actually the first Baptist nunnery in history and we had quite the run.

The basis of St Felicitys was a bunch (ok two) of us who were repelled by the typical girl/guy dating gooey-yucky stuff that we saw in college.  We really didn't see any purpose for men but knew that we had to reach them... after all, if anyone needed help, it was definitely the male population.  But, we couldn't just send a bunch of women out there unprepared - so we prepared them!  Prepared them with courses like basket-weaving and glassblowing and courses that were calming and you could be in control of and know what the result would be.  And then we sent them out to work with projects that you had no clue what they'd be.  We proudly displayed in the back of our brochure a list of women along with pictures of the "mission field" that they had gone too.

That was a long time ago and before someone went and stole the brochure :(  So sad.  We gave up.  Thats when Karlene went and joined, what we then thought was the mission field - but Matt's turned out to be a pretty good guy so, I can't say much there.  He actually does the dishes and helps make breakfast and is a pretty good example of what isn't normal, I think.


I think the boys somehow think that that was my purpose in my Utah visit.  I think they think I'm going to the mission field.... and all they really have out there is mountain men....

So - I've gone on-line and I've looked up some potentials and this is the one I came away with...... Thank Wikipedia.

I think our basic plan will have to be, though - he can stay out in the mountains and keep on killing and sending minks my way and I'll sacrifice by staying in the city and working so I can pay for the postage to send those minks.  Or fox, or whatever he can rustle up that week.

Other than that - I'll wait for a Merrell shod Northface jacketed mountain man to stumble my way - or should I say repel my way - or wait - does that mean he'd be repelled or I would be - or we'd just repel?


Now I close so I can pause and pray that I don't have to have an unexpected weekend in


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