Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back To Non-Boring

This is beautiful for like - 15 minutes?  But after a while - ah!  Boredom sets in!  Actually, it was such beautiful weather that even corn fields (and soybean fields:(...) look beautiful under that big blue sky!  Perfect weather to drive with your windows down!

Highlight of the trip?!  I got to swing by St Louis to see good old Cathy!  One of the most awesome people I know!  

Any friend that doesn't mind the world seeing this picture of them is stellar in my  book!  I love all my goofy friends -but I think I love the goofy that comes out of this one the most!

And having that face make my day last night, just made my Friday even better!

And now I'm back home for the weekend with nothing to do!  Except laundry and cleaning and maybe some weeding and walking the dog... 

Welcome weekend!

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